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I Want to Visit, What Should I Expect?
Here at the Burr Ridge Seventh-day Adventist church we have three regular meetings each week.

Our Worship Space
The Burr Ridge Seventh-day Adventist Church meets in a rented Lutheran church. In order to assist you in finding our rented facility, we've included a picture of the exterior. We have hopes to own our own place some day, but for now we are content to rent the Lord of Life Lutheran Church. Our street address is 725 75th St., Darien, IL, 60561-4239. Click here for a map of our location.

Saturday Worship
Our main meeting takes place at 11:00am each Saturday. We begin with hymns and scripture reading. We collect a regular offering and tell a story for the kids. Then we lift our joys and concerns to God in a congregational prayer before the speaker for the day stands to give a Bible based talk that lasts about 30 minutes. Following the talk, we have a time to reflect and discuss what was shared before we sing our closing hymn, We Have this Hope. Most people who attend wear business casual. Suites and dresses are not uncommon, nor are jeans and tee shirts. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable.

Saturday Bible Study
Beginning at 10:00am each Saturday we have what we call "Sabbath School". There are age appropriate classes for children and adults. We currently have a Beginners Class for the children 0-5, a Primary class for children 6-10, and a Early Teen (Earliteen) class for children 11-15. These classes are taught by volunteers and are designed to be fun and interactive for the children. Parents often participate with their children. We also currently have two options for adult Bible study. The first meets in the back of the sanctuary and discusses the Adult Study Guide. The second meets in the front of the sanctuary and is focused on Daniel and Revelation teachings of the Bible.

Wednesday Prayer Meeting
Each Wednesday we meet at 7:00 p.m. in the sanctuary to share with each other to pray. We begin by sharing our joys and then our concerns and desires. Once each person has had sufficient time share what they want, we pray as a group. This is a very casual meeting. The environment is warm and accepting.

Other Events
Burr Ridge members engage in a wide variety of events that are not regularly scheduled. We picnic together, have lunch together, walk our dogs together, and serve together. We often have the "Burr Ridge Movers" out on Sundays to help people move. Once a year we try to go on a church retreat. Each second weekend of the month we have a potluck luncheon after our main Saturday meeting.